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Eleni Michael



Eleni Michael is a a First Class Honours, BSc graduate in International Hospitality & Tourism from the University of Surrey and the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong.


Over the past seven years, she delivered Sustainability Consultancy projects for Public Policy and Planning, as well as Business Management Strategy Development for Corporatons in England, Spain and Hong Kong.

In addition, Eleni Michael excelled in F&B and hospitality within leading five-star hotels and Michelin-starred Restaurants in London, to Copenhagen and New York.

An active volunteer for Non-Profit Organisations including the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts, UK and the International Institute of Hospitality as Secretary for the London Branch, she is often a Guest Lecturer and Mentor to University students.

Eleni is billingual in English & Greek, fluent in French and is currently learning Russian and Japanese

Her education in Arts, Theatre and Music since young age has led her to her current occupation in Curating Enalia Gallery, supervising all aspects of its daily operation.

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